From Page Rank 4 Down To Page Rank 2

posted by Rechie L on


I never thought this Page Rank update would affect my blog. This occurrence started three weeks ago I think. Many had been talking about page rank update and I thought I would be exempted. I thought Google would just leave my ranks as they were but I was wrong. It would have been fine but Google did notice my blogs. And last night, Google did the judgment.

This blog Chuchie’s Hideaway had been harvesting its fruits due to its mighty rank of 4. But from that height, it fell down to PR 2. Ouch! Will I still bag opportunities with this? I hope I will.

I am just a bit sad about the changes in ranks. Even though Google niggardly rated this blog, it is still generous to give my WhereAbouts a rank of 2 from zero and added 1 point to The Three Chies – from PR 1 to 2.