Two Days No Computer and The Good Neighbor

posted by Rechie L on


I had no computer for two days because both, the PC and the laptop were crashed. The laptop was my fault for I punched it to death for about a week ago while I was in the states of anger and confusion. I had it repaired but the repairmen gave me a hopeless remark. Tsk. Now I am in a state of resentment for I just punched a couple of thousand dollars worth of laptop. I told my sister to take away important stuffs when I am angry for I'll likely crash a thing that triggers my anger yet she was too scared to even come near me. Haist, I can't blame her but myself.

The PC on the other hand was just having a tantrum after the sudden short brown out two days ago. It was totally fine when I started it that morning before heading down to prepare my first cup of coffee when suddenly, the power went off. I didn't know the reason of the black out that day but it was just for a short period of time like about two hours. When the power got back up, I started the computer back on but to my dismay it didn't power up. It's been like that for the whole day. Thanks goodness someone in the neighborhood offered a free service to repair my PC. Sadly, he wasn't able to reboot and repair for it was struck by a deadly virus plus the sudden shut down affected it. It was my fault for I didn't use the UPS that day. Although my PC is not healed yet, the good neighbor had lent me his extra PC just two hours ago so I can use the Internet while mine is still under repair.


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