Neglected Blogs

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I would say this blog is neglected. If before I update this blog one to three times a day, now only once a week. I don't feel the drive to update this blog daily anymore because I already have a new refuge online which is the new hosted blog, Chie 101. Whatever that I want to write here end up posted in the said new blog. I must restart my drive again for this blog. I need to be inspired again to continue updating this blog.

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Other blogs that I neglected are my photo blog Chie's Camera Works and my scrap booking blog Scrap Collection. I lost appetite in these hobbies anymore plus my computer always get into my nerves as it sleeps without notice. The power problem of my computer I think is the main reason why I neglect the said blogs because it has gotten worst that it sleeps many times a day. It just keeps shutting down on me several times a day. Tsk. I need a new one!