SS: The Fifteen Movie Questions Meme

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Movie you love with a passion. Passion of Christ (I'll never get bored watching it)

2. Movie you vow to never watch. porn movies (i broke the vow though)

3. Movie that literally left you speechless. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

4. Movie you always recommend. Air Bud

5. Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie. Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock 

6. Actor/actress you don’t get the appeal for. rather not tell

7. Actor/actress, living or dead, you’d love to meet. rather not tell

8. Sexiest actor/actress you’ve seen. (Picture required!)  Sid Lucero (Fil. actor)

9. Dream cast. too many to write down

10. Favorite actor pairing. Brangelina,  Raphael Russel and Denise Laurel, Lee Min Ho and Yeon Eun He (Korean)

11. Favorite movie setting. historic

12. Favorite decade for movies. historic

13. Chick flick or action movie? i can deal with both

14. Hero, villain or anti-hero? hero and villain...i look more on how good the portrayal is

15. Black and white or color? color