Party Until Morning With Batch Mates

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I've been out and about these past weeks just partying every night until morning with friends. It isn't bad to enjoy life and kick depression away, right? It's nice to party without spending too much dime plus being with the good looking party people - boys and girls in the city. You can't blame me. You'll just have to shower a couple of hundred pesos and then you're good to enjoy the night drinking Tanduay Ice and Boracay shaker, dancing and getting silly with rock music and mingling with new friends.

I would like to share the night outs I went to with my ever-missed batch mates last month. It's quite been a long time since I last hanged out with them so I was so thankful they visited me recently.

That's Pabz in black behind me. He was my classmate in college and is my night out partner. Wonder why the night-out partner is a guy? I'm safe with him for he'll never ever fall for me. He's in a same sex relationship. (Reason why I'm explaining is because in case my husband checks and reads this blog post just so he'll know I am not doing anything bad while he's gone). I am just having a clean fun!

At Fat Cat (FC)

This was the latest night-night I went to with batch mates. Above are few of my favorite pictures taken that night, Oct.25 in Fat Cat. Fat Cat is a disco bar that opens only on Fridays and Saturdays,the busiest bar during weekends. We started partying out around 9 in the evening and finished around 3:00 a.m. It was my first night-out with them in a club in Dipolog City and I really had a blast. I am looking forward for the next time.  

At Fuse Box (FB) Private Room

At Balai Resto Bar (BRB)

At Sights and Sounds (SNS) Videoke Room

These photos above were taken on Oct. 15, 2011. That night was a plain girls night-out but we were accompanied by my friend's  (in black) boyfriend. We went bar hopping; from Fuse Box - my favorite disco bar to hang out that opens from Monday to Saturday, Balai Resto Bar - hut style bar opens daily to Sights and Sounds - we paid Php250.00 for an hour use of their Videoke Room. I let my friends tried SnS's style of bl0wj0b drink. I had a blast big time that night with these cool girl friends.

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