Incarceration Rate and Online Law Degree

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A close friend of mine once told me that she wants to enroll into a Law school now that she is finished with the course her parents wanted her to take. Right then I understood why she always has a say when it comes to government issues, politics and anything about law here and even outside the country. According to her, she wants to fight for what is right, protect those who are oppressed and have the offender get a right punishment for a crime committed. I can say she is smart in that field. She always has smart and impressive views and opinions regarding law and government. I wonder why she took and finished a different course in college. She should’ve fought for what she really wanted and pursued her dream of getting a law degree but I’m sure it’s not too late for her to do that because she can earn a law degree online.

This incarceration rate graphic would definitely inspire her more to get a law degree.