Auntie's Moment of Vain

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We just took my uncle, the husband of my mother's elder sister, to his final resting place last Friday at one in the afternoon after the mass in Sta. Filomena Parish Church. Many of the family, relatives and friends came along to support the family of the deceased in that very moment of vain. The moment when they could only do a final glance at their beloved who couldn't be with them anymore physically. Although many would utter soothing words to calm the raging painful emotions of the family, still it is unacceptable that the person you most love have already left the world and couldn't be seen, couldn't be touched anymore. Seeing my aunt and her children crying as the worker finally covered the grave was very heartbreaking. It was too painful I know. At this time when the pain of being left by a loved-one is still fresh, it's hard for them to accept that they could no longer see him walking, talking, laughing but I know they'll forget the pain eventually and all that they can remember are the happy memories.