Where is Papskie?

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I forgot to share these pictures last night. I just found them cool as it never happened before. I was looking for my Papa last night to ask him to eat his dinner (I always have to force him to eat every meal) but I wasn't able to find him. I didn't know he was in my room watching a horror movie. I knew the TV in my room doesn't work. It had malfunctioned the day I moved in to this apartment. I thought it was damaged during the moving. But dad was able to fix it last night I bet for he was watching a movie on that TV. He might have gone tired listening to the metal songs I played in my computer last night that he decided to just watch a movie upstairs, in my room.

How did I know he was up there? I was nursing my sister Cheem for she has fever (until now). I took her foods and medicines to her room when she asked me if I was watching the movie again that we had just watched earlier that day. I said no. She said maybe the neighbor was watching the movie for she kept hearing the scary song the killer ghost in the movie sings. I was alarmed by the thought that my sister had gone delirious due to high fever. So I told her to finish her dinner and then take her medicines. Just as I was about to go downstairs, I heard some sounds in my room and when I opened the door, I saw father watching the movie. I sighed with relief - my sister's not delirious and I found papskie.

I'll talk about the movie later. I am tired going up to my room at this moment to look for it and its title. But see on the TV screen if you are familiar with the scene. I link this blog post to 366 Blog Photo Challenge - Day 27.