BRB, After MTV Exit Traffic Jam

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Smiling Sally
I mentioned in my other blog about me attending the MTV Exit Traffic Jam last Friday, last week. It was a fun night. It was nice watching rock bands rocking and playing live metal music on stage again. I can't recall when I got interested into that genre of music but I am pretty sure it was hubby who influenced me. And to give in to a friend's invitation, I did go with my best friend Pabz. We enjoyed too much watching the live bands though that we forgot to take a single picture with our rocker friends at the venue.

Pabz and I. I was wearing the Traffick Jam shirt while Pabz had a Dig Deep tee on. Dig Deep is a personal clothing line of the owner of Bewear Apparels. 

Jamming with Bewear Apparels owner (in blue) after the live concert for a cause at BRB (Balai Resto Bar).

Although we weren't able to take photos with our rocker friends who played at the Traffick Jam, we were able to jam with them after the concert at BRB. That guy showing off the Traffick Jam shirt, which I as well have - thanks to Bewear Apparels, is one of the members of Alice in Wonderland band, the band we cheered on to that night. 
Aside from the shirt, I as well got this wrist band as remembrance. It was a one great night. I had a blast!!!