Gullom-Like Face

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My sister made fun of me the other night while hanging out with our friends. She asked me to make funny faces for the camera. . She wanted to capture some poses of me as supposed to be pinned down by a huge ice bucket. My face turned out to look like Gullom...well, the eyes for most part.

My Precious!

I am sure you've already heard the name Gullom (originally Sméagol) in a hit fantasy-adventure trilogy Lord of The Rings. Gullom, a self-centred and egoistic creature apart from being cunning and deceitful is actually one of the most popular characters in the said trilogy and is one of my favorites for his "my precious". I like his sound of it and his face white uttering the words. It may be scary to some but he looks naughty and playful to me. Mentioning Gullom, I feel nostalgic for those times when hubby called me "my precious" in Gullom's voice. It then became one of our endearments aside from "buang". And when we call each other that endearment, we have to imitate Gullom voice.

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