How To Successfully Install Beauty and Clean Template?

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If you have noticed, almost all my blogs are newly dressed into simple pre-made templates. I've gone weary of the old ones that I myself have designed.

In this blog, I used the Beauty and Clean template for a Blogger blog that I got free from There were a lot of questions regarding the installation of this template. There were some users who have faced issues upon installing and have gone frustrated after several times of failure in their attempts to edit the 'these and those' of the template. Some questions were answered and some were not.  I am glad I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to html codes and because of that, I managed to successfully install this simple but elegant blogger template.

I would like to answer some of those question asked so I could be able to help those users to enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of this template. Oh, I do love the simplicity of this template big time!

So these are the following questions that I can answer based on my personal experience in the installation of this blog template. 

How To add or change the Header Picture?
This blogger template comes with a Header Picture placed as 'gadget'. You can either use the default picture, which is the picture of the swans or change it to your desired picture. Picture size you are to used should be 808(w) x 298(h). You can use any picture no matter the height but retain the 808 width.

The dates of the blog posts show as "Undefined", how to fix it?
The first time I viewed this blog after installing this pre-maded template, the date of my blog posts came up "undefined" instead of the date. That was because the date and time settings of my blog (this blog) didn't meet the settings of this pre-made template. It is very simple to fix. Just go to the "Settings" of your blog then "Formatting" and follow the date and time settings as shown below.

Now for the menu in the navigation. Lots of users were having trouble regarding this. I try my best to answer the question as simply and as clearly as I possibly could.

How to edit, configure the Menu in the navigation bar?
I don't suggest deleting or taking the drop-down menu off the navigation bar (nav bar) because it will dis-beautify your blog. Instead, why not appreciate its usefulness?
Having that drop-down menu allows you to add links either to your other blogs or online pages or to your other pages from your blog as the navigation bar, as you can see only accommodates four links. I used my drop-down menu for my blog list and other link exchange programs. Now, how to edit the drop-down menus? 

Go to "Design" then "Edit Html". Make sure you check the "Expand Widget Templates" then "Ctrl F" to find the "menu" code. Scrool down to number 33 in the "find" bar to find exact location of the menu and sub-menu codes. Then do your edits and save your template. 


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