Blogger's Little Office

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This is the little area in my apartment that I call my little office. I did a major arrangement in the apartment. The entertainment cabinet that was in place with where my computer is at now was moved adjacent to that corner and now serves as the divider between our little kitchen and living room. I did it all alone, the moving.  

I purposefully place the computer next to the couch so I can easily lay down when I need to. I keep myself from lying down in that couch though for the next thing I know it is already 9 or 10 in the morning.
These are the things you can usually see on my computer desk; a cup of coffee, crackers, C2 or other bottled juice, ash tray, lighter and smoke. And oh, I always have that blue notebook for recording purposes. It actually holds a lot of my online records now - the log-in records to my online accounts.

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