Do They Still Care?

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My mother visited us in the apartment today. She happened to have a meeting at a cooperative bank wherein she is a loan center chief. She as well worked on my father's insurance policies in the said bank why she was there  I was glad that she thought of stopping by at the apartment before going home because she didn't do it the last time. I am always delighted by the sight of my mother. Even though she doesn't have an intimate relationship with my father anymore and has replaced him, I still have that high respect for her because she has been a good mother to us her children.

Although my parents are not talking as husband and wife anymore, I am just glad they keep being civil when a situation asks for them to be around each other. As much as possible though, as per my observation, they avoid each other. Just like in today's visit, father stayed upstairs the whole time mama was here. I didn't know if he avoided her on purpose or he was just tired to stay in his room for two to three hours. I don't know how they feel towards each other now. Do still care for each other at least? Base on my marriage situation right now, it seems like i am taking their lead.

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