The Unfaithfulness of a Friend

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How many of you have experienced the unfaithfulness of a friend(s). How many of you have been unfaithful to the ones you called friends? I may have a lot of friends but only a few are the real, faithful ones. Just recently, I have faced a friend's unfaithfulness at his extent. Please though excuse me if I am not going to disclose a name as I still have a bit of respect left for him. But to your clue, I've talked about him in this blog for the last few months. I couldn't believe I cherished him that much to even post his face here.

Having him as a friend since college days was a real blessing until he messed our friendship up a few days ago. I trusted him enough to introduce him to my family and accepting him as part of our lives. I trusted him with all my secrets. I accepted him as a brother to feed him, to take him to family outings, to allow him to use my computer and other things he pleased and letting him stay in my apartment whenever he needs a place to stay. I and my family have nothing against him then because in exchange, he helped us in the house; he ran errands like paying bills, helped with the chores, picked and took my sisters in school and helped us out when we run out of monthly budget. He as well helped us when we moved to this apartment we are now living. He was a nice friend, that's what we thought until recently when I learned he was only using us, lying to us and milking from us.

The root of his unfaithfulness is none other than money. It's just recently when I fully realized that in every peso he gave to help us out he got a thousand in exchange. It was my sister who noticed at first. They had issues regarding the selling of my sister's two unused cellphones. I do not know the whole story but it was clearly told by my sister that she asked the 'friend' to sell her two extra phones since she was not using them and she was also in need of money at that time. The phones were sold but the 'friend' didn't give the money to my sister. The 'friend' also seldom visited us at the apartment since then. My sister believed he run away with the money.

Before it happened though, I already had some few unpleasant thoughts about the 'friend' because he kept borrowing money for fares, for his laundry and for other things. Since we move in the apartment, eveytime he helped out, we borrowed money little value at a time. It was okay for those were just 20, 50, and 100 pesos but he kept borrowing and not paying every single money he borrowed. Since I am the type who feel shy in asking repayments, I kept my peace on that and just waited on when he can pay back. He never paid back. Still, we continued treating him as a friend. My sisters gave him another chance on their phones-selling issues.

We hoped to turn everything back to normal for aside from the money issues, we have nothing against him. He may have thought he used us on some things but for us, those little things we did for him were help since he is as well was useful to us. Giving him another chance though turned out to be the stupidest move we did for we gave him a chance to use us and milk from us to the extent. Money had blinded him that he chose it in exchange to our great friendship. We exchanged heated conversation few days ago wherein he counted everything he did to help us. Such a shameless mammal he is! The money he milked from us may not be a lot but it was enough to buy a few sacks of rice. He's a one great liar and a one great milking asshole.