Find Another Love

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It is not a secret to my family and friends that my husband and I have not been communicating for quite a while now. Or when we communicate, which often initiated by me as I try to contact him from time to time, it takes the husband months to reply. I know this situation is bad for a married couple more so since we live miles apart. It is not right for the husband to not find time to contact the wife when there is a lot of ways to do so.

As much as I want to talk to him everyday, I can't force him if he doesn't want to. I can feel he has done something bad. Maybe he got someone pregnant there or maybe he simply found a new one. What else would you think when you are in my situation? It just too shallow of a reason that the husband cannot contact because his computer is broken or he is very busy at work. Tsk!

After a year of depression due to this unlikable marriage situation, I came to realize that I am not who is at fault and I should not be sad just because of the husband's negligence. It will be his loss. Now that I am over with it, although not totally, I can start and end my days with smiles now. I still think of him but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Besides, I can always find another love if I want to. There is a lot of online chatroom on the internet like waiting for me that offers chat for free like if he doesn't it. Lol! Mentioning this site, you might as well give it a visit because it does not just offer chat for free, it also has web news of various topics including celebrities love affairs and helpful tips regarding online dating.