Own Interpretation of Dream

posted by Rechie L on , ,


I've been dreaming of water lately. The last two dreams that I remember vividly was flood and dark water. I was carried away by the current of the flood but floated safely on a bamboo raft. And the other one a concrete maze placed in a very dark, scary water. I was just standing on the concrete maze scared to make a step. Then the latest dream I had of water was a tidal wave.

The interpretation of seeing water in a dream, as I heard of, is tears, which I simply understood as emotion. I might cry a lot in the coming days. I don't know. I don't really believe that it really is the correct interpretation.  As what I often hear people here say, dreams are just fruits of a good sleep. But why is it that there are bad dreams? I learned that an average person has 3 to 4 dreams per night and each dream appears during a different stages of sleep.  There are dreams that we remember vividly and there are those that we totally forget when we wake up.

My own interpretation to water or as to why I have been dreaming of water is because I have always been wanting to swim and everytime that I get a chance I would go to the sea and swim. Lol! Seriously, I am just trying to calm myself down with the "tears" these dreams of mine can possibly bring in my waking life. I just hope though the it will be tears of joy and not of pain.