Our Little Sarah

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Looking back when Sarah was still a baby of about 2 months old, I used to carry her and let her sleep on my lap. I used to hug her in my sleep. I felt like a caring and loving mom and the feeling was so great. She was such a smart, pretty puppy. The thought of having her is for us to have a little companion in the house. We were bored because we have no baby or should I say we were not blessed of having one until now. We have been waiting and we will be until such time God will give us one. It still need more overtime though.

Back to Sarah, she is mixed golden retriever and Labrador but she has more features of a Labrador. She had been with us since August 8, 2008; she was then a 2-months cute little thing wagging her tail every time she wanted us to take her outside to play. She has played the baby’s role in our home and still. She gives this home more life when she came. She learns things very fast. At three months she was able to climb upstairs by herself. She wakes us up at night if she wants to pee and poo. She sits when she wants us to share some munches with her. She likes it when she is freshly bath. She watches television with us until she falls asleep. There may be times when she gets crazy trying to get our attention, it is an implication that she wants us to play with her.

Now, she is 5 months old. She has grown up real fast. She is still a baby for me but the thing is I cannot carry her no more, she gets too heavy. I can’t sit her on my lap now and let her sleep. She prefers to sleep alone under the chair or under our bed. She is starting to have her own world. She is starting doing things she can't do before on her own. I guess it goes same way with a real baby. And I, as a mom feel that sudden joy that our little Sarah have grown up into a good and smart dog. Now she can stand in front of me, put her paws on my shoulder and look at me in the eyes before giving me some licking love.


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