The Party Last Night

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The Christmas Party last night here in Orchid Villas was okay though it was not well organized and i was not able to enjoy singing. I was able to sing yes, but it was already late and people started going back to their respective homes.

So far my husband was not bored unlike the last time they hosted a party here. I am thankful that we were able to make friends with our neighbors living 3rd door from our house. They are fil-for couple also. At least my husband can have someone to talk to. My husband don't really like mingling with Filipino here in this community because most of them are too damn high to reach and some are fake. I hope you know what I mean. Mostly, rich Filipinos are like that. I am not saying all of them.

We were all amazed when the program started because it was hosted by two lovely kids. They really did good in it and aside from that they were speaking English and delivered it very well. These pretty smart kids are indeed admirable.

We enjoyed the food especially the roast pig which is my hubby's most favorite Filipino food. Each family or each house was assigned to contribute one dish and we got Beef Teriyaki. Since i do not know how to cook, we just ordered from CLS, our favorite restaurant among the restaurants here in DC. When the dinner was over, the exchanging of gifts followed. Just like usual style of exchanging gifts here in the Philippines, they numbered the gifts and what number you will pick it is the number of the gift you'll get. I picked number 3 and here is the gift we received. It's a towel set, very good for my hubby to wipe his sweats off.

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