Wear Your Sweetest Smile Today

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I got a smiling tag and award yesterday from Mommyelvz. Thank you so much for sharing your sweetest smile on me. I am so sorry though if i was not able to post this right away. I was so occupied yesterday cleaning the house, and studying my lessons. Today is our prelim examination. I am glad i have no more exams this afternoon, now i can breath good and able to post this.

Here is the tag from Mommyelvz: Wear Your Sweetest Smile Today!
Someday, everything will make perfect sense.
So laugh at the confusion...
smile through the tears...
keep reminding yourself
that everything happens for a purpose.

Something to make you smile:
If you smile when no one is around,
you really mean it.

Smile and be happy!
I am giving my smile to: demcy, chindy, rosemarie, dylan, Liz, femikey, ruthi & tripzibit.


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