Bye Sarah

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Yesterday was a sad and a happy day. It was sad because we finally bid goodbye to our 6 months old Sarah. She is too big now for our little home. She needs a bigger place, a bigger ground to play on and other dogs or buddies to play with. For 4 months that we have been jailing her at our small backyard, she missed playing outside with the other dogs. Though it hurts, my husband and I have decided to give her up to our “Fil-For couple” friends. The thought that made us happy is we did it for her sake. I know she is in good hands right now and I know she is going to have everyday fun chasing and playing with other dogs in there. Anyway we can visit her from time to time so I guess we won’t miss much her growing up.

Today, we are going to visit her at our friends. We do miss her a lot already. We will also check if she's behaving herself there. I know how spastic she is especially after bath.

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