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I was supposed to post this tag the night before last night but i was very unlucky because suddenly the power went off and back again and went off again. The electricity here in DC has been like that since Saturday morning until now. Really such a disturbance to my blogging work. I hope you guys understand me if i was not able to visit your web pages.

So here i am posting the tag now while i still got 1 more hour to stay online til it'll go off. It is my first time to receive this tag. It is quite interesting since i have to browse my answers from Google. I did had a lot of fun doing the "browsing thing". I got this from Madz and Demcy. Thank you so much girls, this awaken my silent days and dark nights.

The rules: Answer the following questions through google pictures and you may add some text if needed.

4 favorite things/foods to munch on:

4 favorite places to go. Why?

So far these are my favorite places in my list that i would love to visit in the future. The reasons are all the same, "I never been there" hehehehe and i find these places very interesting in terms of fashion, beaches, arts and crafts. I think that it would be nice to see other places aside from the nice places here in the Philippines, if I can.


New York


Key West, FL.

4 favorite shops online:

4 things that pop up when you google my name:

For Demcy:

For Madz

I am passing this tag to Chindy, Fe, Vhing, Rosemarie, Carnation, Richelle, Lingz, Ruth, Mommyelvz, Shy, Allen's Darling, Elda, and Kcat. Please come and grab this tag. I hope you wil enjoy this.


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