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I got a tag from Demcy and Madz. Thanks a lot sisters for sharing this tag with me and my apology for posting this very, very late. I was quite busy these past few days with school, household chores and blog tweaking not to mention our electricity and internet connection problem. So, here is the A to Z tag. Check out my answers...

A - Attached or Single? - Happily Married
B - Best Friend? - my family, my husband
C - Cake or pie? - both
D - Day of choice? - Saturday and Sunday
E - Essential item? - computer, cellphone and my helpful spare eyes-my eyeglasses
F - Favorite Color? - Blue, Red, Pink, Brown
G - Gummy Bears or Worms? - i haven't tried these candies here but maybe someday when i get to the US of A hehe
H - Hometown? - Manukan, Zambo del Norte
I - Indulgence? - Blogging
J - June or July? - June, it was the month when my husband and I met online and love started to blossom.
K - Kids?- Soon. LOL.
L - Life is not complete w/o - God and My Family
M - Marriage date? - May 18, 2008
N - Number of magazine subscriptions - Zero
O - Orange or apple? - Both
P - Phobias? - None
Q - Quotes? - "I fell down 7 times, I stood up 8."
R - Reason to smile? - Life
S - Season of choice? - Summer
U - Unknown fact about me - It's going to be forever unknown here in the blogosphere...
V - Vegetable? - beans
W - Worst habit? - smacking, worst when i'm eating green mangoes...my husband just don't like it...
X - Xray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y - Your favorite foods? - i got four in my list which i always crave for: fried dried fish, crispy shrimp, salted fish on the rice(my fav.) and calamares
Z - Zodiac sign - Capricorn


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