6 Things Weird About Me

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I got this tag from Chubskulit. Thank you for sharing this with and I'm sorry if I grab this tag late. I was busy that day you gave me this tag with school projects and examinations. Now that I am free and not sleepy I am giving myself time to think of the weird things about me.

Here are the 6 weird things about me:

1. I can't sleep without rubbing my feet on the pillow or any other soft and smooth thing. So, usually when i sleep whether daytime or nighttime I usually have pillow for my feet. It is weird because I can't sleep without it. I don't know though if others find it weird.

2. I fart in front of my hubby. It is my newly developed weirdness. I'm just lazy to go to the bathroom just to fart.

3. I don't close bathroom door when i go potty if I'm just in the house. I feel like i can't breath.

4. I smell my used tampon before i throw it in the trash can. I don't know but i like smelling it before throwing it away. Have you tried that?

5. Wherever I lay my nails like pick my nose, scratching my head, taking my eyes' burgers, picking wax, i smell it first before wiping off. Sorry, but it's true. You may find it dirty, yes it really is but I am doing it that's why i am calling it weird.

6. I like smelling my husband's armpit especially if he haven't taken a bath yet. I like his smell but i hate it when i smells bad particularly my armpit after sweating my ass off from my PE class.