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Marathon is always a great experience. It’s been a long time since I participated, so when my teacher informed us about the marathon, I didn’t think twice of signing up. Though I did not win and almost had a heart attack, at least I tried to run through the finish line. I gain a lot of weight for over two months and going down stairs and up even make me winded. So, it was also a way of giving me reason to exercise and sweat. It was fun running together with my co-students and having chitchat. The marathon started early as five in the morning, so before five a.m. I was already there. My husband was not able to come, yet he was the one who woke me up and made hot water for my bath. I took a bath real fast, dried my hair with blow dry and get dressed. I was so excited...I guess I was just letting out the kid in me. LOL. My husband took pictures of me before I left home. I am sorry though if I was not able to take pictures at the marathon, I did not take anything except money; I thought it would be a great disturbance for my running. So, here are the pictures.

Ready to Run!!! These are the pictures
before i left home for the marathon.

After I reached the finish line I went home straight and changed and hurried myself to go to school to watch the Military Tactical Evaluation. The attendance was checked. That's the life of a student. I am loving it..yeah right..because I have no choice...I want to finish.


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