Ready for Our First Valentine's Date

posted by Rechie on


Check out my hubby's happy face. That is the smile that i have fallen in love with. Lol. I took this picture of him when we were getting ready to leave the house for our first Valentine's dinner date. We were not together last Valentine's day. I remember, he visited me last year but he had to leave before the hearts day for work. So we didn't celebrate it together though he hid a gift for me somewhere in my room. Yes, he made me a Valentine's gift hunter last year. If you notice, my husband is wearing the red shirt i got for him last Christmas. He haven't wear it since.

I would like to share with you here our photos taken before we left home for our date.
Sorry about the silly pictures I can't help myself to share it with you here...hehehehe. My hubby is very silly yet I love it. We are not only lovers but we are also best of friends and we are just so in love.


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