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Wow..Thanks for this tag Manang Rose. Oh how i love this tag because I can finally express how much I love Beetle cars. It is my big dream to own a beetle car since I was young. I just simply love it. It is cute, unique in style or should i say quite different from other cars, and beetles are beautiful. I searched lately over the Internet getting latest update in the New Beetle world.

VW New Beetle 05

After 20 years from the creation of the Old Beetle here comes the New Beetle. I really hope I can have one but I am sure this cost much to import from the States to the Phils. I only saw few beetle cars here and i silently jealous those people who have. LOL. As you can see in the picture, this car is more slicky rounded than the old beetles. This car have an automatic door lock, heated water nozzles, sunproof power glass, integrated mirrors, center-mounted window brake light and anti-intrusion side door beams. You may ask if this is a sports car, well this can be, in a Beetle Racing contest. I will invite all those who have Beetles here in the city for a Beetle race and i will be driving this little baby and win. This car just suits right for a small woman like me.


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