Hottest Female Blogger Award

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I would like to thank Jenny of The way i use to be for giving me this very very hot award. Oh, sizzling hot. I hope I am a real hottie but I know I am not. Only my hubby can say I am. Lol. Thank you so much for this award sis Jen. This award by the way, comes with a mini game so read more and find the game out.

So, let's start this hot award game: 1. Give this award to other female blogger you know complete with the reason why.
2. Do not forget to give a link back to the person who gave you this award
3. Try to googling this phrase: “[your name] needs
4. Choose the top ten of the results and post it on your article
5. Find out the results..
The Results: I tried googling the phrase "Rechie Ruth needs" since it is my real name but I didn't find any result. I tried the phrase "Rechie needs" but "(Nicole) Richie needs" came out. So I thought of just using "Richie needs" results. I also added here the real results of the phrase "Rechie Ruth needs", my needs.

Here are the top 10 results from googling Richie Needs....
1. Richie Needs Sexual Affirmation From 11-Year-Old.

2. Richie needs to be spanked.
3. Richie needs to cut her hair and wear make-up (i can use cutting hair, i badly need it).
4. Richie needs to invest in a pair of scissors.
5. Richie needs fresh fingers.
6. Richie needs to put some meat on those bones (i definitely don't need this, i have more than enough with excess fats).
7. Richie needs an intern.
8. Richie needs more (what)????
9. Richie needs an artist.
10. Richie needs to read more celebrity news.

Here are the top 10 results of my needs:
1. Rechie Ruth needs to be motivated to go to school.
2. Rechie Ruth needs to focus on her priority goal.
3. Rechie Ruth needs atm card.
4. Rechie Ruth needs to stop taking responsibilities that are not hers.
5. Rechie Ruth needs to stop being too impatient.
6. Rechie Ruth needs to cut or at least trim her hair.
7. Rechie Ruth needs a proper and healthy diet.
8. Rechie Ruth needs exercise to get rid of her excess belly fats.
9. Rechie Ruth needs to see a doctor regarding her constipation problem.
10. Rechie Ruth needs to be pregnant because her husband wants to see their baby before he goes back to work.

There you have it pals. I hope my results won't confuse you. I am passing this award to my hottie friends here in blog land: Demcy, Cacai, Shydub, Ate Pink, Hopeful, Lisgold, Ate Tammy, Rosilie, Prettymom, Ate Mads, Mommyelvz, Ate Rose, Kittykat, Kath, Anne, Anne-Sassychick, Jenjen, Abie,Yen, Maxi, Grace, Eva, Donna, and of course to my old friend but now my new blogging friend, Krissy.