Hubby Broke Up With Me and Left Me

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That’s the gossip that the people in my hometown had been busy talking about behind my back. I don’t know when and how that news started to spread around the town. I really have no idea. I guess, only those active gossipers in town only know about that because I, myself don’t know that my husband left me.
This is how I knew about that gossip:
I was waiting for a bus to go back to Dipolog City (where hubby and I reside) at the bus stop at the market. While silently sitting at the bench near the small store in there when the vendor, a woman in her late 20s along with some older women asked me about how true is the news she heard at the fish market that my husband broke up with me and left me. I was like “what”? My husband broke up with me and left me? Oh, I don’t know about that! Good for them they know it! Where that news did came from? She answered that she only heard people talking about it or should I say, talking about me at the fish market. It made me think. The people in my hometown are practicing showbiz talk.

I never knew that those people are talking about me while I was smiling at them buying their fish and other stuffs. That is if the news is really from there. Meaning, they’ve been gossiping about my life all along. I really cannot believe it. I’ve been trying to be good to the people around me to the extent of talking about my dear private life. I can’t believe that my life has been a viand of their every gossip talk without me knowing. I was not really affected with that gossip because I know my life better than them. What made me upset was that fact that people are stepping into my life and making stories.

So I told those ladies I was talking to that my husband is still in Dipolog City, in our home. The only thing that I can think of my husband leaving me is his work which will be next month. And to prove that my husband is still with me, I called my husband. I set the phone loudspeaker on so they can hear him as we talked about the gossip I just heard. My husband was shock about that gossip. It was expected. Hubby said, the next time I’ll go back to my hometown he will go with me and we will stroll around the market until the gossipers be dead with jealousy.

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