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Writing honest reviews of a certain site’s products and services is one of the major money makers for bloggers. As a blogger, I know that making money through our blogs is one of our purposes aside from expressing thoughts and sharing information from our personal experiences to our readers. I admit I have earned from writing reviews little by little on my blogs which I never thought I could. I am thankful that that there are sites that help monetize blogs like mine by bringing together the bloggers and the advertisers.

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Talking about monetizing blogs, there is this new site called Link from Blog that helps bloggers and of course, advertisers in reaching their goals and objectives here in the web. I read about this site from a friend’s blog. It captured my interest and so I tried it. Signing up to the site is as easy as getting to know more about the site because they provide all the information a blogger and an advertiser needs. For sure you'll get interested with this too so check it out!

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