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Christmas is fast approaching, this means my birthday is also near. My mom, when I was little used to prepare foods to celebrate my birthday. But now that I’ve grown up, I rather celebrate it on Christmas day. That way, I can save some peso signs in celebrating two occasions in one plush preparation. Same goes with my wish list: one wish list for my birthday and Christmas. My godparents are lucky for they are saving a lot on my gifts, aren’t they?

Mentioning about wish list, for sure many of you have already listed down the things you wish to have on Christmas Day or you wish to be the content of your Christmas gifts. If you have, better share it with us at Couple’s Corner because that is our topic today.

What’s in my wish list? I don’t have much in the list. I only have here few things, important things.

  1.  Shoes; a Gibi to be specific. Oh really the top in the list? I love shoes most especially the beautiful ones for beautiful shoes take you to beautiful places. Hmn, where did I snatch that line from? Oh from Boys Over Flowers (a Korean Drama)!
  2. A new mobile phone. I really need a new phone not because mine is way too obsolete compared to those models displayed on the shelves but because mine is malfunctioning. I cannot use it to call anymore. I can’t blame it. Being under my careless care, I really can’t blame my phone for malfunctioning. Although I have a spare phone, a cheaper one, I do hope not to clutter my purse with phones. Here is the harsh part – I accept any of the two: BB or Ip. Wink baby!
  3. New specs for my higher grade. I need new specs. I am not talking about upgrading my eyeglass’ lens but getting a whole new eyeglasses. Using the same old eyeglasses for 3 years is no longer exciting.
See? I don’t have much in my list. Since these are wishes, I already set myself ready in case I’ll receive none of those that are listed above. Whatever Santa will drop in my sock on Christmas Eve will be warmly appreciated. The most important is Christ celebrating His birthday with us.

I haven’t asked hubby the contents of his wish list yet so I will update this post tomorrow after we talk. I’m sure he has some wishes too.
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