Food Trip Friday No. 6

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Advance Merry Christmas everyone! Wohoo! I feel the spirit of Christmas already at Food Trip just by the sight of this lovely Christmas badge. 

Now for my my share. Hmnn..I've been craving for pizza since last week. No, not the overload at Greenwich but the American Hot Pizza at Circus Cafe. It's been a long while since I last tasted pizzas at Circus, particularly the American Hot. The sad thing though is there is no longer Circus Cafe here in city. The owners, who happened to be mine and my husband's friends decided to gave the business up 2 years ago. 

For now, I can do nothing but stare at this photo, which was stocked in my file for a very long time now until I get full. There is one Circus cafe left operated by new owners but it is located about 20-40 minutes ride. I rather stay home. I still like the taste of the original American Hot Pizza from Circus Cafe that was under our friends' management.