Hubby's Birthday Greetings To Me

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I thought he forgets about my birthday. Two days ago we had a fight. We didn't able to talk good. Yesterday, we didn't even send email to each other at all. I didn't sleep good last night thinking he must really be mad at me not to even send me a "hi". I was anxiously waiting for his greetings today when i got up. I am just glad that today at 12 noon he sent his personal greetings to me. He also sent me greetings through 123 greeting e-card

I am just so overwhelmed with happiness right now that here, I allow you read hubby's heart out.

Thank you so much my hunk for not forgetting about my birthday. Although it crossed my mind that you did forget but here you proved me wrong. You just proved how true you are and how deep your love is. You and your messages indeed lightened my heavy heart and brightened my stormy face. You're always my happiness capsule and heart pain reliever, always. I want to let you know that you are always in my heart and mind everyday. I love you always and forever, nothing can change that!