Monday Mayhem: The Holiday Reader Poll

posted by Rechie on


1. Do you RSVP to all of your invites over the holidays? No.

2. What's your best excuse for not attending a holiday function? Either I don't feel good physically or I don't feel like socializing with the other visitors.

3. Have you ever had 'a little too much' of anything in front of your boss at a holiday celebration or done anything else that may come back at you to haunt you in the future ? No. I am the time that would stay away from the crowd and eat silently and then leave. 

4. How many cards do you send via 'snail mail' (regular mail)? None. Thanks to email and ecard.

5. How many cards do you send via email? Many.

6.What is your exercise routine during the holiday season? Sit-ups to get rid of the belly fats. This holiday means there is a lot of eating to do.

7. What is your least favorite thing about the holiday season? The aftermath of midnight family dinner. There'll be a lot of cleaning to do including washing the dishes.

8. Tell us what is your regifting policy? I don't have any.

9. Ever been the recipient of a re-gift? I never experienced re-gifting.

10. What is your basic 'fat outfit' to wear after you have been sampling too much of the holiday festivities? big shirts or loose blouses 

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