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I deserve a Nokia C7 this Christmas!

I’ve been ranting about my problem with my current phone. It’s an N95 phone, a member of a Nokia family. My husband got me that phone after I lost my old one on our wedding day. I had that phone since 2008 and I can no longer use that phone now for calling. When that phone is used for calling, the person on the other line cannot hear my voice. I dropped it many times and even broke its LCD. I had it repaired many times too but after a week or two it gets back to its problem again. Knowing this really frustrates me because calling my loved ones especially during emergency is very important to me. Although I have a cheaper back up phone for calling, I still hope to own only one phone, which I can use for texting, calling, and browsing the Internet.

Now with the new Nokia C7, I can do everything that I mentioned and oh, a lot more! How I wish to own a Nokia C7! This would be a perfect birthday gift/Christmas gift for me. I like almost everything about this phone; such a sleek design of polished stainless steel and glass made into a slim touch-screen smart phone. This phone features everything I need such as the touch gestures – the pinch, flick and tap, 8 mega pixel camera to capture high quality photos and high definition videos, integrated social networks that keeps me close to my friends online wherever I go, applications and themes I can try out for free or buy at OVI store, maps with free GPS navigation, Web TV, built-in FM transmitter and the one I like best, the Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9 to listen loud and powerful music. This phone is just so cool!

I truly deserve this phone since my old Nokia phone, old as it is, already in need of replacement because some features are already malfunctioning.