My Nurse Friends Here and Abroad

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Many in my circle of friends, men or women, graduated a nursing course. It seemed like a nursing course was the hottest trend in college education back in 2003 after we graduated high school. It was an in demand job here in our country and abroad and even until now. Most of them are registered nurses now to the happiness of the parents and to self satisfaction of their chosen field. Happiness was all I see on their faces when they’re wearing their nursing uniforms while extending their arms to help sick people.

Some of them stayed here offering their service in our country and some went for higher dough by working overseas. So far, I have three friends that I know of offering their care abroad. Although they are far, I can still communicate with them through the Internet. Just yesterday I talked to one of them who asked if I know a site where she can buy scrub uniforms online. I referred an online store where she can find awesome nursing uniforms for sale. She was thankful that she was able to talk to me yesterday for she started liking the idea of shopping online rather than going out somewhere to find scrubs.