OV Christmas Party and My Birthday

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I've been used to not celebrating my birthday in an extravagant way for we didn't have the luxury. A simple church visit, candle lighting and thanks giving was enough. Then after that, we will share a bowl of chicken soup at home. If lucky, mom would cook me a platter of pansit bihon for a long life and buy me a round of chiffon cake. These foods were enough to make me smile with overwhelming happiness but these days, people expect more as they are looking at me with a dollar sign on the forehead. I am not saying I am giving in to their expectation, I just don't know how to say no, yet, especially to those I think big and respectable people.  

Another roast pig for this year's contribution to OV Christmas Party from the Wilks family. 

For two consecutive years I spent my birthday here in Orchid Villas with my co-homeowners. Just like last year, we again agreed on celebrating our Christmas party on my birthday and the ex-OV President's birthday. Our co-homeowners here are now used to have us contribute a roast pig for it's what we contributed last year on our Christmas party, which was also my birthday. I think it is a wise idea to celebrate my birthday that way for I celebrate it with a lot of people including my family. Plus, there were other foods served too contributed by other home owners.  Although I didn't spend my birthday with hubby this year I know he is happy for me knowing I had fun, at least, on my birthday. 
This year, for the first time in Orchid Villas Christmas party history, we had a live band serenading us, the birthday celebrants, a birthday song. The band as well sung for all of us while having our dinner and while chilling out over some bottles of SMB's. The band was sponsored by San Miguel Corporation. Luckily, this happened because the manager of San Miguel is our neighbor. I had fun but was not extremely happy for there was this most special person missing that day, which is my husband. He would really enjoyed this year's Christmas party if he was here. 
Another high light of that birthday was my brother's girlfriend. He officially introduced her to me. She is just a very simple and shy lady. And oh so young and naive at 15. So, since she is that young, her father accompanied her here with her little brother. I could see how my brother loves this girl she is just from a simple family. The whole family already accepted her because my brother changed for the better because of her. For that, we are thankful. We just hope they'll not be too tempted to enter the most serious and problematic life, an early marriage. 
Here is my mother munching on the roast pig leftovers. Mom came late around 9pm. My papa didn't able to come due to his feet condition again. My sister Cheem didn't able to come too for she was not answering our calls. I am just glad Cheep made it with a gift. Such a sweet sister, she is. Although there are special people missing on my birthday, I am still thankful that I am able to celebrate it even not the way I wanted to. I am still thankful I pass this age. I hope God will continue gracing my life with a lot of years so I'll  be able to continue receiving the happiness of my family and loved-ones love and continue giving my love back to them.