Presents From My Brother

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This is just a quick post about my brother who just arrived today at 12:00 noon from Cebu from their education tour. I am glad he got home safe and with a lot of pasalubong for us. I only gave him enough allowance for the trip so I didn't expect him buying anything for us. I am glad he used his money very well to be able to buy pasalubong. 

That's a box of Sugbu Otap right there. Chizka and I are munching some of it right now. I don't like Piaya and dried mangoes that much so he added those to mom's share. Of course mama got her share of pasalubong too...and his girlfriend. He also got Kalamay from Tagbilaran when their ship stopped over. I am drooling now for Kalamay sandwich but I can wait until tomorrow to pair it with coffee. 

He also got some blings for his sisters. I am lovin' the guitar key chains. He knows we love music, eh? It's sad  he didn't get something for him but he said letting him join their educational tour in Cebu was already a big thing for him because he learned how it was like to be a ship captain. His experience while there is more than a present, he said.