A Stolen Shot I've Just Found Out

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... a month ago.

I wrote in some of my previous posts that never will I pose for the camera with my glasses on. I despise these additional eyes of mine but I am left to be blamed of having imperfect eyes. Whose fault is it anyway? Mine. 

I used to read comics, entertainment page on magazines and most of all, pocket  novels, English or Filipino, back when I was younger (and even until now). Either I read under dim lights, sometimes using only candles when there is no power, or I read while laying down on bed. What a lazy butt! No kidding! I even tried smoking while lying down on bed. You can ask my other half to confirm it if he hasn't forgotten about it yet. But really, these ways of reading I mentioned can damage your eyesight indeed. My mother never failed to remind me about it but I never listened and here I am ranting about my ill-feeling towards my additional eyes failing to acknowledge its importance to me.  

Anyway, I've just found out I got a photo of myself with my glasses on. I suspected my sisters for playing this prank on me. They know I don't face the camera if I don't feel good of myself.  Honestly though, I kind of like this stolen shot for I looked like a teacher busy typing my lesson plan if not like a nerd busy doing assignments. Well, you be the judge.

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