Try Online Dating With a Twist, Try Virtual!

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My husband and I are products of online dating, a successful online dating to be exact. I can say we are one of the many who successfully found our match through online dating. My experience of searching the man I’ve been looking for through dating sites was fun and exciting. From the part of getting-to-know each other to the meet-up was an exhilarating experience for me. Before both parties decide to finally meet, both already feel the connection, the closeness and most of all, the love towards each other. It was not impossible to fall in love online because you still feel the sweet gestures through words written on a message box. I fell in love so I decided to agree with the meet-up and here we are happily married for almost three years.

Day by day, more dating sites are created to help bridge the destined hearts. And day by day, these dating sites create twists and ideas to attract people and receive a growing number of members who are longing to find their other half. There is a new twist in online dating brought by Smingle that came up recently where members can do virtual dating, the future of online dating. I signed up the site myself to check what it can offer to all the singles out there. I signed up for a basic “just looking” membership.
Virtual dating in Smingle promises excitement and safety online dating using only 3D avatars to represent you. You can customize and dress up the look of your avatar as close to your physical appearance and there it is ready to mingle with other avatars. While going on a date at Smingle, you can choose a romantic ambiance for your romantic date. Your can do whatever you want to your avatar, you can make it smile and flirt with only a single click on the buttons.

Dating sites can really be of help to singles who are destined to finding their love online for it makes the search easier. And with a twist of virtual dating, searching for the love of your life is now made fun and exciting especially when both parties decide to meet and see each other behind those avatars. According to a Harvard study (2006), “Virtual Dates cause individuals to develop greater affinity toward one another when they actually meet.”

So to all singles out there, I encourage you to sign up at Smingle now. You’ll really enjoy the virtual dating. When you sign up now and upload a picture to your profile, you can have 3 months free membership. Have fun mingling at Smingle!

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