Tuesday Couch Potato: RV

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This is my first participation in a meme about movies called Tuesday Couch Potatoes. I am not quite a couch potato. I only watch movies that can awaken my interest. When I get interested in a movie I won’t stop finding ways to be able to watch it. Few of the ways are asking hubby to get me the movie and/or I go online to see if somebody uploaded the full movie.

Today, I decided to join this meme to share the movies I’ve watched. We have a wide collection of movies on our DVD rack so why not share my say on some of those that I found interesting? Today, the theme is Family Adventure Movies. My share is RV or released as Runaway Vacation in 2006 starring Robin Williams who portrayed the role of an overworked husband and father trying to keep the family and his work together. There are some hilarious family comedy scenes so this movie is best to watch with the whole family.

Bob Munro (Robin Williams) promises his family to spend their vacation in Hawaii but unluckily, there is a conflict at work on that day of their much anticipated vacation. He has to attend a meeting in Colorado or he loses his job. Desperate with the ill-fated situation of losing his job and disappointing his family, he thought of an alternate plan and that is renting an RV and dragged his reluctant family to a road trip to the rookies with a promise to bond together during their quality time and a thought of escaping to attend his meeting. He is torn between his job and his quality time with his family. How did he do it? Watch the movie!