Yahoo! Chat While Listening Music

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Hubby and I just had an awesome conversation earlier on Yahoo! Messenger while listening to a You Tube music, A Perfect Christmas by Jose Mari Chan. This music made me teary-eyed last night while listening to it. The message is very touching. The lyrics fits right to our current situation - the hope to spend Christmas together since this is the first Christmas when we apart from each other as a married couple. I never thought it is this hard and it's not even Christmas Day yet.

So today, while chatting with hubby, I shared this music as my Christmas message for him. We listened it together using Yahoo! Zync video sharing. It was the first time I tried watching a video together on Yahoo! and I found it cool. When I clicked on "pause", it paused on his instant message box too. It was a video sharing indeed. 

If you want to try (those who haven't tried yet) simply copy the link of a video from you tube then paste it in your instant message box and then send it. So the video is now on the YM box. Below the video there'll be a box with a message "Watch it with me", click on it to send the request to the person you are chatting with. Once the request is accepted, you can then watch the video together. It was fun!

1 comment