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Viral Monday #2 at Monday Mayhem

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Dieting is no fun but I really need to for I lose track of my diet these past weeks because I did a lot of eating and more during our family reunion that happened yesterday. That's what you do when surrounded with family and relatives whom you haven't seen for several years - you think of having a sumptuous meal all the time.

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Awesome Home Lighting Collections

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Are you looking for home lightings? There is a place online that has all types of home lightings from ceiling lights to wall sconces for outdoor and indoor. I did a long browsing on that online lightings retailer and I found three brands that I found very appealing for my preferred style of a home – modern but with a tang of a historical ambiance.

The Hudson valley lighting collection tops my taste. The lighting collection includes bathroom lighting, chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendant lighting, swing arm wall lamps and wall sconces. All the lightings in this collection are contemporarily designed just perfect for a contemporary home. If you plan to build your modern home soon, hudson valley lighting is the perfect answer for your lighting needs. View some of their lightings below.

To sense some history inside your home, add some classic house lightings from the house of troy lighting collection. House of troy collection though only features two lighting categories; desk lamps and picture lights. The desk lamps can also be used as piano lamps. I love the classic design of this lighting collection. 

If you want to get all your lighting needs in just a place, kichler lighting collection has it all. Check out kitcher lighting collection to see a complete collection of indoor and outdoor home lightings from bathroom lightings to outdoor post lights. The lighting collection as well includes fans with lights, floor lamps, desk lamps, outdoor ceiling lights and lighting mirrors.
Go check these home lighting collections now, you might find some for your home!

TCP: Free Willy

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It's time for couch potatoes to gather together and share a favorite movie or a movie that is unforgettable. The theme this Tuesday is Phileo / Friendship Love: Camaraderie and Friendship. 


Fishermen separate a young orca whale (Willy) from his parents and he ends up in a fish bowl at a marina. Meanwhile, a street kid runs afoul of the law and gets caught vandalising the marina, but his social worker gets him off the hook (so to speak) provided he cleans up his mess at the marina. While there, he befriends the whale and teaches him tricks, something the trainer hasn't been able to do. But when Willy is a dud in front of the audience, the marina owner plans some bad things, and the boy and his friends must try to free Willy.
This movie was released on 1993 by Warner Bros. directed by Simon Wincer starring Jason James Richter, the cute boy who befriends a killer whale named Willy. For sure Jason James is fully grown up now. I remember, I first watched this movie when I was younger at our neighbor's for we have no TV back then. I was even beaten by my mother for not completing a chore she gave to me just to watch this movie. The beaten was all worth it for I completed watching the whole movie, the movie that touched my young heart. The friendship between the boy and the whale is so amazing that I so wanted to help him Free Willy while watching. 

There is a 2010 released sequel of this movie, Free Willy: Escape from Pirate's Cove, which I longed to watch. Hopefully, I could rent a DVD to watch it. 

Missed The Mayhem But Up to Chizka's New Leash

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I am sad I missed Monday Mayhem yesterday. I am beginning to like that meme to a higher level. I do hope I will not miss it again next Monday. I am also sad that I was not able to talk to hubby. Thanks baby for understanding, or should I say thanks for tolerating? I do love you, I always do. I was just really occupied yesterday because some of my batch mates came over. One of them is our class president back in high school so I had to attend and entertain them since us gathering together at my place only happens once in a blue moon. I had fun bonding with them. Well, I had free lunch, free drinks and I was able to catch up with them so it was really great. 

Anyway, I would like to share a picture of Chizka's new leash. It is not the frail rainbow-colored leash but a  stronger leash this time. I had to buy her a new one for she bit her old leash into strings. I chose red because it is almost Valentine's day. It is just right to give my little Chiz ball some love and to show it is to put her on a leash and take her to a stroll. Take a look at the snap below. 
Here goes my share for Ruby Tuesday today for the first time. I am looking forward to share with you a ruby again.

Sunday Stealing: The Ace Meme, Part Three

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

68. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW? The Biggest Loser, The Tyra Banks Show, The Bachelor, The Martha Steward Show, PBB Philippies, 

69. WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE THAT YOU DON'T LIKE? I would likely stay away from them but if I ever really have to deal with them, I would stay cool.  

70. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Cookies and cream, Sans rival


72. SO IS IT GOING TO BE THE STEELERS OR THE PACKERS? Green Bay Packers!!! Green Bay Packers!!!

73. PLANS FOR TONIGHT? eat, blog, watch a movie, blog then sleep


75. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? why not? do you want to answer my question too? i mean, this question? 

76. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO? a baby's cry, i am quite annoyed honestly

77. LAST THING YOU DRANK? Water (I know you are smiling baby hunk, your wifey's being a good girl. She is drinking water now.)

78. LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? my mother dear, she misses me

79. THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE IN THE SEX(ES) YOU'RE ATTRACTED TO? The eyes. If their eyes fly on my chest...they are ready to be dumped. So far, hubby stopped his eyes from going down that's why we are married now. Haha!

80. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? If I have internet connection i would roam around blog land..but if there's lag, I could use a nice movie to watch

81. FAVORITE THING TO HATE? I naturally hate geckos! I'm sorry...geckos have natural capability to scare my butt away, making me jump off my feet. 

82. FAVORITE SEASON OF THE YEAR? Holiday/Christmas

83. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TYPE OF CANDY? I had several favorites when I was young. No wonder I got 4 fake teeth.. For now, I have no favorite. Just give me a plate of rice and some fried dried fish, that serve as my candy. 

84. HAVE YOU EVER REALLY AND TRULY HAD A BEST FRIEND? self. No one understands you better that yourself and no none loves you like you love yourself. 


86. EYE COLOR? Black

87. SHOE SIZE? 5 (Are you gonna buy me a pair of Christian Louboutin's?)

88. FAVORITE FAST FOOD PLACE? Jollibee or Chowking is fine

89. FAVORITE RESTAURANT? Here in the city, I love CLS. Hubby and I love it there.

90. DO YOU LIKE SUSHI? I like the sight of it but not the taste esp. that seaweed sauce...gezzz..

91. WATCH TV TODAY? I have no more cable. They are raising! I got it disconnected for I don't like giving away 500 pesos a month for nothing. Nobody watch TV. I watch TV online and I blog most of the day. Why am I even explaining? tsk tsk..

92. FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR? my birthday

93. PLAY ANY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS? I wish i know how to play a guitar

94. POLITICAL PARTY? the hell I care

95. KISSES OR HUGS? Making Love, it has the whole package.

96. RELATIONSHIPS OR ONE NIGHT STANDS? Relationship so I can have a lot of night.

97. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU BOUGHT? 2 gallons of purified water

98. WOULD YOU EVER BE A HOUSE SPOUSE? i am now...never wanted to

99. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING?  The Elf Trilogy 

100. DESCRIBE YOUR LOVE LIFE: A long distance love affair.

FTF: Stir Fried Chinese Egg Noodles

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I was facing a challenge three days ago and I am proud to say the challenge was quick and easy. I never thought it would be that quick...and easy. The challenge I was saying took place in the kitchen; the fresh Chinese Egg Noodles challenge. I've been bugging my mother to teach me how to cook something with this kind of noodle or we call it pancit miki but she is always busy. So using my taste bud, I deliberately recognized the ingredients from my mother's cooked pancit miki. Then, I cooked my own version.   

It was just all about sauteing and stir frying (as what i did)...easy peasy! So here goes my very first Stir Fried Chinese Egg Noodles on Chicken. 

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you all prosperity this 2011! (Xīn nián kuài lè! Wǒ xīwàng nǐ zhège 2011 nián de fánróng!) Happy Food Trip everyone!

Shoot Me: 23 of 52

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It's "shoot me!" time again. This is just a quick post. I have here a latest photo of me and my little cheese ball taken just few minutes ago by my sister Cheep. I choose this picture among the many for this is the nicest and the sweetest picture of me and Chiz. So there you have a glimpse of me tonight. I have to go downstairs for now with my sister. My sister and I are going to explore the kitchen. She wants to help prepare the dinner. Well, we will just have noodle soup tonight and fried dried fish. We love it!

Join this meme by posting a photo of you with a child, spouse, friend or even by yourself every Thursday. Simply click on the badge to learn more about how to join and visit other "shoot me" participants.

CC: Our First Sweet Moments

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It is time for love, love and love; it's almost Valentine's day. Well, this Valentine's day will be sad for me and hubby because we are oceans apart. Talking online or on the phone will not be enough to quench our thirst for each other but what else can we do? We have to deal the pain brought by the distance, well at least for now. 

So for the topic today at Couple Corner, the first sweet moments.

Our first sweet moments actually was when we started saying "I miss you" online. We didn't say "I Love You" to each other online, just "I miss you." I was shy to tell hubby that I loved him although I wanted to. Hey, I am girl and girls are not supposed to be aggressive. I had my pride...and still have, right baby? The word "I miss you" from him at that time already sounded like heaven to me. I think we started caring for each other then. I felt he cared for me especially when he started calling regularly on the phone before I go to bed for some sweet talk. 

The next sweet moments was when we personally met after 3 months of chatting online. It was Sept. 2, 2006. It's when he said he loves me. Everything I heard at that time was music, sweet music and I saw cheese everywhere. Lol! It is nice to reminisce those moments when I was quite a virgin Rechie who blushed easily with only a single smile from him, who turned head down giggling with his sweet gesture, who wholehearted said "thank you" with his every compliment and who got easily nervous with his gentle touch. 

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January 2011 - Top 10 EC Droppers

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Droppers' Blogs No. of Drops
Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide 29
Magnetic Air 29
Trade Forex Online 26
Overcoming Diseases 19
Photography by KML 18
Digital Rebel350 18
Lainy's Musings 17
Princess Wannabe 17
First Door on the Left 16
earn money online 15

Here's my list of top 10 entrecard droppers for the month of January. Thank you so much and sorry for the late post.

TCP: The Shaggy Dog

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Good evening everyone! It's movie time, time for all couch potatoes to gather for movie sharing. The theme this Tuesday is Storge / Familial Love: Because We Are A Family. I've seen several family movies but I forgot almost all of it. So I would like to share something that I just watched recently (again), something that touched my heart and made me laugh. I am sharing "The Shaggy Dog", a 2006 film starring Tim Allen as Dave Douglas.
This is one of the family movies we have. I took a picture of our copy for you all.

Comedian Tim Allen unleashes all the outrageous fun in this doggone hilarious update of Disney's comedy classic! The adventure begins when workaholic Dave Douglas (Allen) is accidentally transformed into a lovable shaggy dog. Now as Dave digs to uncover the mystery, this overworked dad wants nothing more than to stop fetching and get back to fathering. But before he does, he's about to discover that being a man's best friend gives him a curious insight into what it takes to be a great dad!
It is a great movie to watch with the whole family. All the fathers out there will surely be touched. I like the part when Tim Allen, form being a family man turned into a family dog and tried to explain to his kids that he's their dad. Other part I love was when being a shaggy dog, he brought a bouquet of roses for his wife outside the restaurant where they are supposed to be celebrating their anniversary. It was a sad scene but you'll be amazed. 

One thing I love about this movie is the dog. I can relate to it for I have a dog and having a dog is like having an addition to your family. I tell you this, you'll get to love your dog. I tried to get rid of my dog many times when I get mad of her pissing and throwing waste everywhere but everytime I look at her sad face, my heart melts. I just can't let her go for it is already love I felt towards her, a love for a family.