FTF: Fried Potatos and Fish in Dairy Cream

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Good morning to you all! The morning dew feels so refreshing outside and the cuckoos of the roosters sounds like a melody to my ears. This means I am early for my food trip. I am actually hungry. Pan cake's been running in my thoughts since yesterday night. I might experiment after linking this post and make my version of pan cake. Why not?

For my food trip today, I have here a photo, which I took last week. In the photo is a pile cheese-flavored fries and Tanigue fish fried in dairy cream.  

I had a half bag of sliced potatoes, which was my sister's leftover from their cooking subject and few slices of Tanigue that I got from the wet market. I actually forgot about the fish. It's been in the freezer for about a month so when I noticed it last week, I thought of preparing it for dinner together with the potatoes.  I melted dairy cream lite on the pan and then fried the potatoes first. When done, I placed the potatoes on a kitchen paper to remove excess oil then sprinkled the powdered cheese. The fish, I sprinkled garlic powder, pepper, powdered onion, salt and meat tenderizer on it before frying on the melted cream on the pan. When done cooking, my sister and I feasted on it. It tasted so good! The melted cream that was used for frying enhanced the flavor. That in the picture was my share. Tsk, I ate a lot of rice. 


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