Just Beautiful: Old Photograph with Friends

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We are just beautiful!
The photo above is my share for today’s ‘just beautiful’. We are just beautiful, aren’t we? This photo was taken way back in 2008 on the 27th of March, two months before my wedding day at Hope's place in Manukan. Yep, I vividly remember the date and the place for I enjoyed a lot that night...and those other nights I spent with these beautiful ladies.

These in the photo above were the closest friends I had back then. One of these friends is Shine (the one in pink, behind me), who had just recently started her own blog, Sunhine's Comfort Zone. Please do visit her blog. This whole blogging thing is all new to her so I hope you can support her blog by following her.

Anyway, only few of these friends have stayed close to my heart despite the distance while the others are out of reach, living their own lives. Some of them may be far beyond my reach but the friendship they've once shared with me remains, as always. That’s why I still have this picture, one of those I’ve saved in a compact disk.