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Shoot Me: 33 of 52

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I missed this meme for this could make me a star once a week. Lol. For my 33rd share for 'shoot me', I share this photo of me (in red) with my youngest sister (in pink).

This picture was taken about two weeks ago during one of those sisters' bonding nights. The 3-week online leave pulled me a lot closer to my youngest sister for we bonded almost all the time everyday. We played cards, watched TV shows, cooked together and a lot more whenever I felt better from fever. The night this picture was taken, we curled our hair using my curler and strong-hold hair spray. In an hour, our hair got instantly curled. It was so much fun posing for the camera in our instant curly hair. The curl lasted 12 hours.

Join this meme by posting a photo of you with a child, spouse, friend or even by yourself every Thursday. Head on to the Diary of A Church Lady to join.

Lines of Surf Clothing and Accessories

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It is still summer time in other parts of the world like in the US. For sure many out there plan on going to the beach to shred the waves with their surf boards. There are three lines of clothing for surf sport enthusiasts out there namely roxy, animal clothing and quiksilver.

Roxy Clothing and Accessories

Whenever I hear the brand name Roxy, one thing that comes to my mind first is its sexy flip flops. But do you know that Roxy was founded with board sports as its core. It supports women who are keen to board sports such as surf and snow boarding. It was founded in 1990 and was launched as a fashion apparel brand for young women by its brother brand Quiksilver which where its logo, a heart-shaped crest adapted from on 1993. Later on, it has grown largely and now aside from providing fashion apparels, it provides wetsuits, hard goods, accessories, footwear including flip flops, home items, and even books, perfumes, umbrellas and other products.

From a pair of flip flops, that was how I got to know about women's brand Roxy. The adorable flip flops it produces are simply irresistible. Roxy flip flops have become popular here in our country that you can buy them from many retailer stores here nationwide. I’ve seen many wearing this brand of flops and have known a few walking retailers. Aside from flip flops, Roxy as well provides footwear like boots, cruisers and casuals.

Quiksilver Clothing and Accessories

As mentioned previously, Quiksilver is the brother brand that launched the brand of fashion apparels for young women named Roxy. If Roxy provides clothing exclusively for women - kids or adults, Quiksilver provides for both genders. Quiksilver is considered as one of the worlds largest manufacturers of surfing apparels and equipments related to board sports.

Animal Clothing and Accessories

Animal is one of the UK’s fastest growing brands of actions sports producing products for extreme actions such as surfing, snowboarding, wind-kite surfing and mountain biking. Started from a conception of creating an un-breaking watches straps, the brand now one of Uk’s leading source of surfing apparels and other action sports gears for both men and women. Don’t dare miss to check out Animal’s summer collection 2011!

Gagay's 4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway

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I missed blogging so much but I don't have any regrets of having a three-week leave from my online life. I enjoyed my rest away from the blog land. Now that I am back, I am obliging myself to make up with all my blogging misses.

What a great come back it is for I have blogging friends who are generously giving away prizes. One is Gagay of I am but Gagay who will be celebrating her 4th year in the blog land next month. Because of that, she came up with hosting a 4-Year Domain and Hosting Giveaway. Wow! I am drooling for the prize right now. I know you are too so come and take your chance. Click the giveaway banner below for the giveaway mechanics.

Domain and Hosting Giveaway

I Lose Weight In Three Weeks

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Unintentionally, I’ve managed to whip out few excess fats from my body in three weeks. I never thought of losing weight fast in three weeks time. It was a mixture of depression, home-based exercises and discipline in food intake combined that won me the price of an acceptable physique. Yes, I’ve been depressed. I have reasons to be but it doesn’t matter now. Just the thought of feeling down brings heavy load to the heart and to the belly for it makes me gobble more cups of ice cream than usual, which results weight buildup. So I found ways to beat it.

It was like beating two dreadful diseases in a shot by doing home-based workouts or performing dance exercises with my sister in the morning. It was fun plus a quality time spent daily with my little sis. Along with the exercises, I as well watch my food intake. I focused on taking fruits every meal for I need the fiber from it. These practices just came naturally during those weeks of feeling down. Losing weight was unplanned and the sole reason was only to keep myself away from thinking depressing thoughts yet it contributed fun and physical vigor to me. I just hope I could maintain this current weight of mine and if possible, could lose more.

But if ever I get back to being bulgy, a natural weight loss pill like Slim9 could be my great helper to stay back into my desired shape. Slim9 could surely help me regain my energy to do the workouts that I did these past weeks as it naturally boosts energy and prevents fatigue to keep me always on the go for more exercises. It is said to be an immune system quick weight loss pill. It has ingredients like green tea that has potent extract called EGCG that helps speed up metabolism. Therefore, it enhances weight loss while doing workouts. Slim9 as well has other natural ingredients that make you feel younger and rejuvenated. Combining this natural weight loss pill with daily exercise and proper diet surely keep you in shape.

Compilation of Weekly Color Memes

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I have noticed there are newly born memes in the Blog land, particularly the color memes that are played through posting photo(s) with required colors. Memes, oh I love them! They’ve have rescued and still rescuing me during the times when my mind goes blank. They are quick helpers that give you a quick topic to write about thus, help you create a quick blog post. Plus, it is fun!

Hopping from blogs to blogs in the blog land, I had bookmarked all the color memes that I had run into. I made a long compilation of different memes in my tool bar now. Lol.

This is my compilation of color memes to be played every week:

Smiling Sally MellowYellowMondayBadge mytotsexactly CIB Monday





Life and then Som Photobucket


Note: the size of some of the badges are not the actual size, they are just resized here in uniform size of 125x125.

These so far are the only color memes that I know. If there are color memes that are not listed here, feel free to inforn me. Do you feel like joining these color blogging memes? Click on the badges to learn how to play.