Snug Hours in Fat Cat

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Boracay that is heady enough to make me walk crisscross plus sisig to munch on plus music that could get me off my chair plus cool friends equals a perfect night out for me. Above is a jag of Boracay mix drink served at Fat Car disco bar. That's P150.00 per jag. Their sisig? Dang, I forgot how much!

Arriving early at Fat Cat, we had the entire dance floor for ourselves. Notice the blue jag cover. 

Then came 11:00 or 12:00 midnight to dawn, Fat Cat was then in chaos. It was packed with party goers old and young and we were all in sweat even when we remain seated. It was chaos but fun! If you are a frequent goer in Fat Cat, you already know that during those hours on Fridays and Saturdays are SNUG hours. That's actually what party goers love in Fat Cat - the snug dancing. With the many people inside that disco box, you'll end up dancing with strangers leaving only a snug space between you and sometimes, no space at all!

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