WBFC #2: Follow @garychie On Twitter

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It's a total of two weeks now since I last updated this blog. That long. It's that long I stayed in the lazy lane, lazy for writing or just simply couldn't make time for blogging due to partying every night with friends. The right term would be I've been partying every night with friends that when I get home, I am tired and would just sleep all day leaving me no time to blog. It needs to stop, the partying!


I badly needed to get back to blogging for I missed a lot of activities online. One is the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. If I didn't religiously adgitize earlier today, I wouldn't know that this blogger caravan from MommyRubz is no under its new host and on its second week already. It is now under the care of Ane, the blogger behind Life According to Me. Congrats Ane!
This week in WBFC, we are marching on to gather more twitter followers. Please do follow me by hitting the button or by visiting @garychie. If you do so, I'll gladly return the favor. This week's sponsors by the way are Happy Home and Family and Online Chikadora.