Chips and Noodles

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I did climb the 3003 Steps in Mt. Linabo and even climbed up to the peak. It was tiring but it's worth the climb. I'll talk about it later in my Wherebouts. If you can't wait, you can read about Cheem's climb there last Holy Thursday as she climbed up reaching almost the peak of Mt. Linabo.

For now, let me just share this photo.
These are the foods we took with us on our climb - lots of chips and cup noodles. We brought us two liters of water too and four bottles of gatorade for the four of us (Pabz, me, Cheem and Cheep). Munching the chips kept us busy as we climbed up and down. What with the tissue paper? Well, I was so glad I brought it along because we all forgot to bring sweat towels.  

Smiling Sally