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Few Life Updates

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I heard that Google had once again cast its wand on blogs Page Rank. Fortunately, Google's wand didn't do a magic on this blog and on my other blogs. It didn't touch anything, didn't increase nor decrease the PR to my contentment. I've read my co-bloggers' complaints about their PR loss. I feel sorry for them, especially those who are like me who are quite depending on the earnings they get off blogging. Blogging is a bit tricky now and honestly, I am slowly getting tired of it. There were issues about the number of links and understanding it gave me headache. So I decided to blog just for the fun of it.

On the other note, there were lots of things going on with me and my family that I have not yet mentioned. This is as well for my husband to know about what's going on with my life as he constantly visits my blog lately.

First, I am happy that I and my husband are back communicating. I am again inspired to write daily updates about me here in this blog. Here's his latest picture.

My parents, though unofficially separated are totally living their own lives apart from each other. My mother already has a new living partner while father is alone but has us, his daughters.
Last month, on the Holy Week, my sisters and I did a different kind adventure. We climbed the 3,003 steps to Linabo Peak. We did reach the very peak of Mt. Linabo together. It was such a tiring but enjoyable experience for the three of us.

Then recently, I had been in a motorbike accident. I run over a black dog that caused me some scratches, bruises and knee bone complication. Until now I still feel the impact of that accident as the bone in left knee is still hurting and walking on my left leg bothers me. Confined in a bed for two to three days due to a gland tumor complication after the accident is not bad though for I engaged into a mind blowing exercise by reading a mind blowing story of the Dark elf or Drow Drizzt Do'Urden. 
Other mind and also fingers blowing exercise I did was playing my so far favorite Xbox game Dark Alliance II. I used my all-time favorite character Vhaidra Uoswiir, a drow or a dark elf monk. And what a coincidence because that idol character Drizzt Do'Urden in a book Dark Elf Trilogy I have been reading is a guest character in my favorite Xbox game Dark Alliance II. He'll be playable once the mastermind of the game Mordox defeated which I haven't yet. Thanks to my husband for buying this Xbox game.