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Stop Blaming!

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I am sick of these people blaming me for my father's condition saying I didn't take care of him and that I neglected him. What's worse is that mostly the people who blame are those outsiders.

What do they know about us, about my family and about me? How do they do know I am neglecting my father. Are they watching my every move? Are they monitoring me 24/7? Did they put a hidden camera in every place I am present that they know everything. Geezz!

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They do not know nor they have no right to know. They have no right to give the less-needed blame toward me and toward any of my family member. We are not even blaming each other for what happened. If there's one who should be blaming it would be me toward my mother for turning her back on him but no, I didn't and will never do.

As what I have said to those people who blamed me just recently, my father' condition is due to his bad habits and age. He knows that. I, we never once neglected our father. We have given him the freedom and joy to be just at home instead of letting him work. He does what he wants to do. He drinks what he wants to drink. He eats what he wants to eat. We are giving him the freedom to enjoy life in his own way but of course, we are guiding him, sometimes scolding him when we need to.

After delivering my piece to those blaming outsiders, they only granted me their ignorant remarks that only showed how hard it was for them to just mind their own lives. We don't need the blame as it doesn't help. An advise or two, well wishes and heartfelt concerns; these are all we need.

Father's Visit to The Doctor

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I accompanied my father to a health center here in Dipolog City last week. He decided to be checked by a different doctor as the previous one didn't gave him the relief he hoped for. He had been coughing and feeling weak still after a week of medication. So I did took him to a different health center, the one that is located close to my apartment.

It was Agape Health Center that we went to. It was our first time there. There were quite a lot of patients waiting in line when we arrived. Thankfully though, the clinic has four specialists; a pediatrician, a cancer specialist, a gynecologists and the other one's for those who don't have serious ailments, which is my father current doctor now. Only though the clinic has one reception area and one secretary/assistant to assist all patients. Still though, the secretary did a great job in assisting us. We didn't wait that long for father's name to be called in for his check-up

The check-up went well. The findings of the doctor to my father's condition was quite scary but he assured he'll do everything. He even said he'll document dad's health.

 Dad was given three sets of medicines to take for one week. I was told to take my father back to the health center after one week for further check-up. Dad's doctor's visit that day ended with an X-ray test.